-Set oven to 350 degrees. 
-Try and use a pan that you can cover and put in the oven, another words one pan. 
-Flour the meat and fry in olive
-Oil one or two tablespoons, don’t over fry the meat, you will be putting this in the oven to finish baking.
-In a bowl put one can of Campbell Cream of Mushroom, ¾ cup of milk and 1/3 cup of MaMa C’s Finishing Sauce.
-Whisk this together and pour over the meat and bake for at least 30 minutes, or until the meat is done, tender. 
-Be sure to have mash potatoes to go with it!.
-This is also great with venison!
Swiss Steak
Recipe from Carol at Mama C's Sauce  Thanks, Carol!
Steak, pork chops or venison
Cream of Mushroom soup
Mama C's Gourmet Finishing Sauce
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Gran Sazon Flour Shells
Steak or chops (beef or venison)
Green or red peppers
Mama C's Gourmet Finishing Sauce
Sour cream
-Cut steak or chops into strips and flour them and fry in olive oil, about a tablespoon or two of the oil. 
-Slice onion, green and red bell peppers thin
-When the meat is browned, not completely done, add the onion and pepper mixture and sauté until almost done
-Put the shells on top of the mixture and cover for about a minute or until the shells are warm. 
-Take the shells off the top then scoop some of the mixture onto them
-Add MaMa C's Gourmet Finishing Sauce and cheddar cheese. 
-Add sour cream if you want.

Recipe from Carol at Mama C's Sauce  Thanks, Carol!
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