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Our Featured Artist LeeAnn Kress cont.

Interests - I love my family, first and foremost. They are always entertaining and keep it real for me! :) Love reading, drawing (sketching out new artwork), sculpting and more sculpting, Halloween and Fantasy art. Did I already say I LOVE HALLOWEEN? I really do!
To see and perhaps purchase some of LeeAnn's work, please check out here website at
Favorite Movies - Absolutely love all Tim Burton movies, horror & paranormal movies - probably why I love Halloween so much. Also love the classics and you got to throw some comedy in there too! Let's not get too serious - I'm a goofy, fun-loving girl!
Favorite Music - I grew up in the 80's - so definitely 80 music!
Favorite Books - I commute to work for about one hour each day (one way), so I listen to a lot of audio books. Music tends to get boring after I've sung the same song in the car for the 100th time. Do I have a favorite book? Lots, but too many to mention. Audio books are great! Favorite Place to go: There is nothing better than hanging out at Barnes & Noble. I love the feel of being surrounded by people's words and dreams come true in hardcopy! There is a wealth of knowledge under that store roof!
What would be my dream job? - It would be to play in my art studio all day long, while someone else does the paperwork, marketing and mailing. I need an assistant!
LeeAnn in her studio